FrenusTech is an Engineering Design Services Company.
Our Focus: End to End VLSI Design Services and Embedded Systems

We provide Solutions / Engineering Talent: To build Intellectual Properties (IPs) and System On Chips (SOC) involving both Digital & Analog design for Accelerator based SOCs, Consumer Electronics, IOTs, Automotive and Aerospace.

Our core leadership team brings in vast expertise from various domains of VLSI design.

We have successfully delivered 4-IPs and 2-SoCs to our customers in full ownership mode within 2 years of operations.

Our Services

Digital - Frontend & Backend

We Support Spec to Netlist and Netlist to GDSII for ASIC Development

Analog, Mixed Signal & Technology Foundation

We Support Circuit, Layout & Char for AMS, IOs, Memories and Std Cell Libs

Embedded Systems

Team supporting Embedded Firmware Dev, Board Bring-Up, Validation

Automation, AI & ML

Experience in supporting Automation using SHELL, TCL, PERL, PYTHON, SKILL, CALIBRE-RULE WRITING.

Our Team

Ramesh Bhat

Co Founder & Director

Sunil Kumar HV

Co Founder & Director

Vaibhav Prabhu

Co Founder & Director Engineering

Prashant Murthy

Co Founder & Director Engineering

FrenusTech Pvt. Ltd.


  • Being a preferred Service Partner, Consultant & Employer in IC design space catering to ever increasing demand for right talent.


  • Solution oriented approach to the challenges faced by our customers
  • Focused, conscious and continuous talent creation through collaborations
  • Building skilled professionals with solution mindset to serve our customers in achieving their goals.

Core Values:

  • Integrity and Simplicity
  • Ownership and Responsibility

Why Choose Us

Experienced Leadership

Excellent Quality and On Time Delivery

Conscious and Continual Improvement of Talent & Process